Hello! My name is Elizabeth Ainslee Simons. I started Ainslee Studios in order to empower small creative and technical businesses to succeed via great design. Creative and technical, you wonder? Read on and you’ll see.


Social and environmental good is at the heart of everything I do. I see design as an important tool I can use to lift up those businesses that are doing good in the world around me.


I support tech startups and small creative businesses with branding and marketing collateral design, because these materials are key to being heard and seen in a world full of other entrepreneurs and organizations.


As a fiber artist and illustrator, my heart is in the art world. I have designed for fine artists and organizations alike, and love to work on projects that support the arts.


But I’m not just an artist! My love of technology is deep-rooted, as the daughter of a software developer who wrote his own programming language, SenseTalk. Having written technical documentation for software myself, I have a strong understanding of how to communicate complex material in a clear and relatable way.


I love design because it is the medium that allows me to combine my creative and technical talents, and put them to good use helping businesses like yours succeed.


Speaking of your business…


Do you have a small creative business and need help getting off the ground with your branding, or creating ads that draw in customers?


Do you have a tech startup and need help writing marketing copy that explains an intricate or difficult-to-explain product to your audience?


If so, I’m your girl.


Whether you know the specifics of your project, or just have some questions for me, please feel free to send me an email via my Contact page. If you do know the specifics, please tell them to me!

I look forward to hearing from you.