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Achieve Your Dreams through Thoughtful Storytelling

Let's see what we can cook up!

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Nice to Meet You!
I'm Elizabeth

I love solving design and marketing challenges!

What do you get when you combine art, writing, tech, and marketing skills with a dash of going the extra mile?

A well-rounded, strategic, detailed approach to telling your story.

I bring a unique perspective to any project because my background is varied: I started out as an artist and writer, but I also have strong technical skills, and have worked in both the software industry and as a Digital Marketing Manager for a nonprofit.

Ainslee Studios allows me to combine these multidisciplinary practices and use all of my skills to help great organizations succeed.

Social and environmental good is at the heart of Ainslee Studios – I see design as an important tool I can use to lift up purpose-driven businesses who are working towards a better future.

Are you one of those businesses?


John Van Wyck
Executive Director, Cine Fe

Elizabeth is a truly exceptional graphic designer, copywriter, and collaborator.

She's also a wonderful human being, showing kindness and good humor that makes working with her a true joy.

Elizabeth sees the big-picture strategy while paying close attention to the smallest details to ensure that the work is done at the highest possible level. She's conscientious of others and asks questions at all the right times while also being proactive, finding and implementing solutions on her own whenever needed. And the quality of her design work, copywriting, and editing is superb.

She's a dream to work with and our nonprofit would not be anywhere close to where it is without her.


Dave Rizzotto
Director of Marketing, Namaste Solar

After updating our branding at Namaste Solar, we were in need of a seasoned designer that could apply our new guidelines across multiple platforms including print materials, digital ads, social media, and vehicle wraps. We hired Elizabeth for her ability to produce creative and consistent designs as well as her strong communication skills.


She’s responsive, highly collaborative, sticks with deadlines, and is receptive to client feedback. We appreciate having her as a resource and continue to engage her on additional projects.


Cheryl Simons
Owner, Emotion Wise

As I see the professional and visually appealing website and look at the lovely stationery, I feel like people will see me how I want to be seen – as providing a quality, heartfelt service…  The launching of the website feels like a big foundational support and I have experienced the significance of it recently.

What this experience really showed me is that it was so worth it to put all of these pieces in place – the logo, the brochure, the website, the business cards. It’s now clear that the foundation we’ve been building has lifted me up to a new level of professionalism and professional possibilities.

Get in Touch

Elizabeth Simons | 970.215.4926

Denver, CO

Thank You!

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